ill titleGlossary

Basal Area
The cross sectional area of a tree measured in square feet, at DBH (diameter breast height – 4 ½ feet above ground), typically it refers to the total of all basal areas within an acre.
Heavy Mechanical Site Preparation (HMSP)
HMSP is the term associated with site preparation activities such as: Shearing, Raking, Bedding, and Chopping.
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Annualized effective compounded return rate on an investment.
A soil composed of sand, silt and clay in rolex replica a relatively even concentration, generally: 40% sand, 40% silt, 20% clay.
Pine Chip-N-Saw
This product is between 8" and 10" in diameter and the center is used for small dimensional lumber and the remainder is chipped.
Pine Pulp
Pine pulpwood is generally chipped and swiss rolex either used for pulp to make paper or for fuel.
Pine Saw
Pine sawtimber is used for dimensional lumber.
The art and science of cultivating forest crops…The theory and practice of controlling the establishment, competition, and growth of forests.
Site Index (SI)
An attribute given to soil classes based on tree productivity. This means that a loblolly pine established on a soil type with a SI of 90 feet has the ability to reach 90 feet in the specified time frame (i.e. SI_50 = 50 years).
Steamside Management Zone (SMZ)
Used to protect water quality and also fake omega watches benefits wildlife which use them as corridors for travel.
Weighted Site Index
The weighted site index for each stand is the average site index for that stand based off the percent of soils within it and their associated growth index.