Herbicide Application


Site Preparation Herbicide

Site prep herbicide applications are used to chemically control vegetation prior to planting that may compete with newly planted seedlings for water, nutrients and sunlight.  By controlling competing vegetation, seedling survival and early growth rates increase significantly.  Herbicide chemistry and tank mixtures are tailored to treat the specific spectrum of competition on each site.  Depending on the timing and specific herbicide prescription, a site prep application will not only control existing vegetation, but may limit their seeds from germinating the following spring as well, thus eliminating the need for a herbicide application immediately following a planting operation. 

  • Site prep herbicide applications are typically applied aerially by helicopter from April-October. If aerial spraying is not a viable option, application can also be performed from the ground either by hand or mechanically using a skidder or tractor.
  • Site prep herbicide applications often mean the difference between a pine stand and a mixed pine-hardwood stand at the time of final harvest.

Site Prep Herbicide

   Site prep herbicide application performed by  helicopter.


Herbaceous Weed Control Application

The first year following planting is the most critical for seedling survival, establishment and early growth. Herbaceous weed control is an application typically performed immediately following planting to control grasses and herbaceous vegetation that are unaffected by a site prep herbicide or lack thereof.

  • Typically applied aerially via helicopter
  • On rare occasion applied by hand or by machine from the ground
  • Applied February-May immediately following planting
  • Diluted rates necessary for application over young pines are not effective against hardwood brush

Herbaceous Weed Control

   In aerial herbicide operations, batch trucks  are used to mix the appropriate 
herbicide prescription,   fill the helicopter for each run, and  transport extra 
water and fuel.  


Woody Release Application

Woody release applications are typically applied in the first 2-5 years following establishment of a pine plantation to control aggressive woody species such as hardwood trees, perennial shrubs, and hardwood brush.

  • Applied aerially via helicopter
  • Applied July-October
  • Chemicals suited for application over pines are not effective against waxy-leaf species such as yaupon

Woody Release

Helicopters used in aerial herbicide  applications are equipped with specialized 
GPS and spray equipment to maintain uniform application of  the herbicide and 
map out the applied areas.