Prescribed Burning



Firebreaks are areas where vegetation and potential fuel sources are removed to help keep a prescribed fire in the desired area or to keep wildfires from encroaching on valuable resources.

  • Established at or near the perimeter of an entire tract or stands within the tract for property protection, or as part of burning operations
  • Typically initially created using a bulldozer
  • Maintained by mowing or disking with a tractor, or repushing with a bulldozer
  • Provide long-term access and protection from wildfires when maintained
  • May be planted to promote wildlife habitat
  • Must adhere to BMPs to prevent erosion potential
This firebreak has been completely cleared  of all potential fuels 
therefore minimizing the potential  for fire to escape the designated
 burn area.


Site Preparation Burn

Site prep burns are performed to remove debris, further reduce competition and allow planting crews access to the forest soils.

  • Typicall performed from May-November
  • May be performed before, after or without site prep herbicide applications (must wait 3-5 weeks after herbicide application for chemical to have the desired effect)
  • Significant heat and smoke will occur with site prep burning
  • Only experienced, insured and certified burners should attempt these burns
  • Using a Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Manager will release the landowner from liability - as per Texas S.B. 1016

Site Prep Burn

Although  some standing vegetation still exists, debris has been adequately 
consumed to  allow for  a quality planting operation to be  performed.


Pile Burn

Pile burns are used to eliminate debris piles that occupy up to 10% of a tract's surface area.

  • Type, amount, size and distribution of these piles determine the necessity of this operation
  • Returns productive acreage to the future stand
  • May be conducted any time of the year, weather permitting, but are most often conducted from March-November
  • Significant residual smoke from the piles will occur, proper planning is a must

Pile Burn

A  windrow burning following shearing and raking operations.