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August 21, 2012:
Our crews have been very busy the past few weeks. Our heavy mechanical site prep crew has moved to southeast Texas and western Louisiana on shearing and bedding operations. Our spray crew has moved on to ground applied site prep spraying in Trinity County, TX and the burn crew is working on site prep and pile burns around Livingston and Trinity, TX. Contact us if we can help with your land management or reforestation needs.

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Acorn Forestry is a full service forestry company specializing in reforestation, wildland firefighting, forest management and mid-rotation services. All services are provided to private landowners, consultants and companies with an emphasis on quality and accountability.

ill_1Turnkey projects encompass activities including: herbicide applications, burning, heavy mechanical site preparation, hand and machine planting. Management activities include timber marketing and management, wildlife management and other stand activities.

Acorn actively works in all the western Gulf States and looks forward to helping you or your company achieve profitable and predictable returns on your forest investment.



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